Established on 18 July 2012, KPRJ Development Sdn. Bhd. (“KDSB”), formerly known as Julung Properties Sdn. Bhd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KPRJ. KDSB specializes in property development with an authorized capital of 500,000 ordinary shares worth RM1.00 each and paid-up capital of RM250,000. KDSB has embarked on its maiden project, Jauhar @ Kempas, a double-storey housing project of 71 units in central of Johor Bahru City. The project has a total GDV of RM35 million and is expected to complete in 2018.


The main objective of the company is to develop sustainable, high quality properties. KDSB envisions to become one of Johor’s most respected and reputable property development company.

KDSB’s management team has extensive experience and competence in property development through business relationships with public listed companies in Bursa Malaysia.