Core Business

Digital Economy

Digital Johor Sdn Bhd

With the vision of empowering the people and the state of Johor towards greater economic achievements, Johor State Government is formulating a strategic initiative to digitalise key economic sectors within the state; which in time will empower the establishments of new digital-driven industries.

The idea is to transform the state, in line with the fourth industrial revolution (41R) and digitising Johor, to become Intelligent Johor. In a nutshell, Intelligent Johor encompass Johoreans from all walks of life and those who migrate here – in the way they work, live, play and govern.

Towards realising this dream, Digital Johor Sdn Bhd (DJSB); a state-owned company, has been set up on 18th April 2017. DJSB will be the driver behind the Johor State Government’s agenda to transform the state into a thriving digital economy through the digitalisation of critical economic sectors.

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