As a company wholly-owned by the State Government of Johor, Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor Sdn Bhd (KPRJ) is responsible for carrying out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that is in line with the State Government’s policies and vision of an inclusive and sustainable growth. KPRJ acknowledges that CSR is an important agenda in establishing itself among all levels, including the public. KPRJ will conduct its CSR mission and will consistently be guided by the company’s objective. Furthermore, with high hopes and determination, KPRJ aims to contribute to the accomplishment of the State Government’s development agenda.

KPRJ-HOPE is the company’s obligation to empower the community. It is about promoting community empowerment.



  • Our company’s logo is situated in the middle indicating that we embrace KPRJ’s mission and vision.
  • The hand symbolizes the act of volunteerism and the spirit of giving in the name of welfare and empowering humanity.
  • The hand also symbolizes the Muafakat Johor concept that brings unity among all races in Johor thus allowing us to live in harmony and peace.
  • The pair of hands also represents both those in need of aid and those offering help for the betterment of others.
  • The colour blue follows that of the Johor State’s flag. It symbolizes our role to cater to the needs and interest of the Rakyat and infrastructure development.
  • The colour Blue also exudes the aura of positivity, calibre and the solidarity of the people in helping each other through every ups and downs that they go through.
  • The colour Red reflects courage, determination and unwithering spirit in braving every challenge together.
  • Red is also the colour of blood, representing the common trait possessed by KPRJ HOPE; flaming passion to help one another.


A KPRJ supported Corporate Social Responsibility initiative/s must be centered on the four (4) quadrants of Community, Marketplace, Workplace and Environment. The focus of each of these quadrants is defined as follows:

Our commitment is in providing better quality of life to all the communities in which we operate, through our activities, development and investments that result in the most beneficial returns to the society.

Our focus is in helping the segment of community who are involved directly/indirectly in and around our development landscape. This include the needy, orphan, orang Asli, destitute and single mothers.

We emphasize on community initiatives, such as access to education, poverty alleviation, or engaging with civil society to build resilient communities. We aim to inculcate educational empowerment and  for the improvement of their livelihood and quality of life so that they will be more acclimatised to modernisation and change.

Our commitment in “Doing the Right Things the Right Way” can be the single most important aspect of our business in terms of securing its longer term viability.

This means that it’s our commitment to interact responsibly with our partners, investors, and stakeholders in various ways, such as supporting the market with quality services, developing responsibly, engaging in ethical procurement and organising frequent dialogues to exchange for updates on the development of the company

Our staffs are the best advocates for the company. We believe that our people are our company’s greatest asset. Thus, our commitment is to ensure that their welfare is protected and their skills enhanced to develop their growth, wellbeing and motivation.

Human capital plays a significant role in ensuring that our people are motivated and works in an environment that is conducive for innovation and creativity.

We will be working very closely with Human Capital Management (HCM) department on activities that encourage workplace CR, such as supporting HCM in change management that will lead to increased productivity and eventual transformation, in line with the Group’s overall vision.

Our commitment is doing our best in supporting, preserving and adapting sustainable environment management aimed at encouraging conservation.  It also covers environmental implications of the company’s operations, products and facilities; eliminate waste and emissions; renewable energy, green initiatives, and optimisation and conservation of resources by future generations.

We are supportive of environment management programmes that promote environmental conservation and awareness. This includes educating our community on environmental sustainability strategies in efforts like mangrove conservation and awareness, coastal protection, proliferating endangered species, plants, natural flora and fauna and on renewable and green energy efforts aimed at preservation of the environment at large.


In deciding which communities or causes to support and how to offer assistance, whether monetary or in kind, KPRJ and its group of companies shall consider how the initiative will :-

a) Support KPRJ’s vision to deliver maximum returns to the State of Johor and to continuously benefit the Rakyat and its mission to  bring value add to the community which we operate.

b) Promote KPRJ’S good corporate citizen image and corporate reputation.

c) Endorse KPRJ’S values of Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Progress and Passion.

d) Benefit and contribute to the development of the community in which the KPRJ operates.