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Senior Management

Senior-level management of an organization, or those positions that hold the most responsibility in KPRJ.

Khairudin Hasan

Head of Property & Development

Abd Razat Md Abas

Head of Land

Hamidon Sarmo

Head of Assets Management and Services

Hussein Md Nor

Head of Cost and Contract

Nursoraya Abd Rahman

Head of Corporate Communications

Sharipah Jamaludin

Head of Admin and IT

Mohd Zafaruddin Razali

Head of Business Development

Arry Nazroun Ahmad

Head of Development

Mjr. (R) Amin Sharip

Head of Construction

Azlawati Mohamad Jamil

Head of Post Contract

Mat Sahwira Tamat

Head of Finance, Legal & Cosec

Syed Mohamed Moideen

Head of Human Resources

Mohd Radzib Mohd Ariff

Head of Digital

Mustapha Hussein

Head of Integrity and Governance