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Jauhar Prihatin

JAUHAR PRIHATIN is a Johor Real Estate Rent-to-Buy Scheme designed in detail to realize the wishes of the Government and the People of the State of Johor to achieve the goal of 1 Family 1 House. Jauhar Prihatin targets the M40 and B40 groups as the main target of its implementation. This scheme also provides a platform for them to own their own house in less than 5 years.
The concept of renting while saving will also make each buyers able to own their own residential unit by saving / collecting advance money before buying a house whose selling price has been set from the beginning of renting.
JAUHAR PRIHATIN will ensure that participants are financially eligible to get a bank / financial institution loan.

Mandatory Application Requirements

Priority is given to Johor State residents or Malaysian citizens who have resided in Johor State for more than 10 years.

Aged between 18 - 45 years old and married/ have dependents

Net household income RM1,500 - 10,000 per month (according to the house category applied for).

The applicant / spouse does not have their own home / is the first home.

The applicant is not bankrupt.

The applicant is a voter in the State of Johor.

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Properties and possibilities for everyone.

Our effort to help low-income group to own real estate properties in the city.


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